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CoffeeNotes Pre-release

Focus on the Grind

CoffeeNotes, a newly developed app to aid baristas and the coffee connoisseur in achieving the perfect cup of coffee, will be launching their beta version of the app for evaluation soon. 
This patent pending technology allows the app user to analyze their coffee grind and calibrate their brewer to achieve a perfect cup of coffee using any brew method.
Please sign-up with your email below to be added to our notification list. If you would like to participate in the pre-launch evaluation version of the app, please send your request to info@coffeenotes.net with a little note on how you plan on using the app in your daily or weekly routine.


Brew to Your Taste Profile
Use CoffeeNotes to dial-in the perfect brew ratio based on strength and grind size.

Rate Your Coffee
Use CoffeeNotes' interactive widgets to generate a cupping and flavor profile.

Share your Recipes
CoffeeNotes allows your recipes to be shared into a global databae or just with your friends.

Screenshots of the CoffeeNotes App

Brew Ratio Calculator
Use the calculator to determine the correct proportions whether by number of cups desired or amount of coffee used.

Use the sliders to dial-in the mean grind size and the desired coffee strength.

Cupping/Flavor Widget
Score your brewed coffee while it is fresh in your mind.

CoffeeNotes enhances your coffee experience by generating a flavor profile from cupping scores.

Brewer Settings
CoffeeNotes comes pre-configured with the most common types of coffee brewers.  You can also calibrate your own brewers to your liking.

Once calibrated, the calculator will allow you to brew to different strengths easily.

Usage Form
Create or use custom usage instructions for all your brewers.  You can share your brewer settings with other colleagues and friends.


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About Us

CoffeeNotes is a startup that has big ideas about enhancing your coffee experience.  We are located in Chicago, USA.

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Get in touch with us via the following methods if you have any issues with our app.

Twitter: @CoffeeNotetsApp
Email: support@coffeenotes.net


CoffeeNotes Alpha has been released!

The CoffeeNotes app is currently in Alpha release and will be shortly be available as a Beta release.  Join us for an exciting journey in bringing the most innovative approaches to brewing coffee to every coffee connoisseur and barista via a mobile app. Please sign-up for email notifications in the space provided below.

CoffeeNotes is currently being evaluated as an Alpha release.  Please stay tuned for the public release of the Beta version shortly.  Thanks for you support and patience.

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