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Enhancing Your Coffee Experience

CoffeeNotes Pre-release

Focus on the Grind

CoffeeNotes, a newly developed app to aid baristas and the coffee connoisseur in achieving the perfect cup of coffee, will be launching their beta version of the app for evaluation soon. 
This patent pending technology allows the app user to analyze their coffee grind and calibrate their brewer to achieve a perfect cup of coffee using any brew method.
Please sign-up with your email below to be added to our notification list. If you would like to participate in the pre-launch evaluation version of the app, please send your request to with a little note on how you plan on using the app in your daily or weekly routine.


Brew to Your Taste Profile
Use CoffeeNotes to dial-in the perfect brew ratio based on strength and grind size.

Calibrate Your Grinder
Patent pending methods for analyzing your coffee grind size distribution.

Share your Recipes
CoffeeNotes allows your recipes to be shared into a global databae or just with your friends.

Screenshots of the CoffeeNotes App

Brew Ratio Calculator
Use the calculator to determine the correct proportions whether by number of cups desired or amount of coffee used.

Use the sliders to dial-in the mean grind size and the desired coffee strength.

Menu Drawer Navigation
Navigate around the app easily using the sliding menu drawer.

CoffeeNotes enhances your coffee experience by giving you access to coffee related information, places and events.  Your profile can be configured to your preferences.

Brewer Settings
CoffeeNotes comes pre-configured with the most common types of coffee brewers.  You can also calibrate your own brewers to your liking.

Once calibrated, the calculator will allow you to brew to different strengths easily.

Rating Form
Rating your coffee has never been this convenient and accurate.  Now you can share and duplicate how other coffee connoisseurs are brewing their coffee.

We hope you will also share your recipes to the cloud so we all can see the latest trends.


The Buzz About CoffeeNotes

On Twitter

"Will become a standard..."
This is the first development in coffee analysis since the Extract Mojo that is truly exciting."

Richard Park, Ch'ave Cafe

"I'm really excited about this..."
I now have the ability to eliminate variables and move everyone closer to properly brewed coffee.

Charles Sarin, Coffee Express Co.

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About Us

CoffeeNotes is a startup that has big ideas about enhancing your coffee experience.  We are located in Chicago, USA.

Contact Us


Get in touch with us via the following methods if you have any issues with our app.

Twitter: @CoffeeNotetsApp

Our Other Partners

CoffeeNotes has business partners and software developers who are working hard to bring CoffeeNotes to market soon.

We hope you will support our product launch coming to the Android market soon.

Greg Mayworm
Inventor and Founder

(This Video will be hosted on the website in June)

Mr. Mayworm is a serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated several small high-tech businesses.  His background is in electrical and computer engineering with a MS degree from UC Santa Barbara.  Having developed the first PC-based CNC controller, a series of motion control chips and now his current Android development, Greg has never shied away from a challenge.  He is recognized for his unique combination of business, engineering and design expertise who works effectively with clients to solve problems with creative solutions.


Stay Tuned for RELEASE DATE!

The CoffeeNotes team is committed to completing the Android App as soon as possible. We are currently looking for Beta testers who are willing to evaluate and provide feedback on the pre-release version of the Android App.  Join us for an exciting journey in bringing the most innovative approaches to brewing coffee to every coffee connoisseur and barista via a mobile app. Please sign-up for email notifications in the space provided below.

Special thanks to: Gaslight Coffee Roasters, 2385 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL and The Stone Creek Coffee Factory, 422 N. 5th St. Milwaukee, WI

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